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Denise Sneed-Williams...powerful sought-after, dynamic, and engaging speaker who is able to captivate audiences/participants of all ages and intellect!  Denise was hired and tasked with engaging an entirely male audience for the African American Male Initiative of St Louis Community College and she was phenomenal!



- Samuel Huddleston

Former - Student Activities Assistant II / Event Coordinator 

"Undeniably one of the most passionate, impactful, thought provoking inspirational speakers whose love, grace and transparency yield laughter and tears."

Erica Henderson

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Denise has impacted me in so many ways but the one that truly stands out to me and made me realize how important I am to myself is our conversation around giving and taking. 

One day I stopped by because she was donating some products that I requested from my contacts for a local nonprofit who was collecting personal hygiene products.  We got on a conversation about self and those negative vibes and energy that was in our personal spaces.  As we were talking, Denise made me realize how important I was to myself and how I needed to put me first.  It’s ok to say “No” and not give so much of myself away to others.  She made me see the bigger picture of myself and I realized at that point how much of myself, time, and talent I was given to others, and they truly did not appreciate me. 

Having a conversation with Denise is an awakening to your mind, heart, and soul.  She is an earthly angel who can reach into your soul and release all negative and unwanted energy. 


I am blessed in so many ways to have Denise in my life to support me, advise me and give guidance where I might be lost. 

—Linda Robinson

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Today, I await to hear the results of my 2nd mammogram because the 1st

one showed some concerns. I wait patiently and with faith of determination to "WIN" no matter what the report says. I know anything is possible because of the vivid story I have replayed in my mind of the dynamic story that I once heard from the fearless speaker Denise Sneed Williams when she shared her own destiny.

Her presence was powerful! Her words were positive! And her truth was purposeful! In this very moment I recall her position in front of a room full of strangers as she was so transparent, and her resilience today, gives me hope as I understand anything is possible, yet I'm an over comer if I just believe!!! ❤️


— Dr. Marty Casey


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When you hear Denise speak you learn what it means to truly listen. She has a spirit of discernment when it comes to the background noise of the world that helps everyone who hears her interpretation of those words learn. 


I am always moved to power when I am in her presence.  Whether she is speaking or not. The truth of her love for her friends is clear. She is transparent, honest and real. 

- Darcella Craven

Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.

(Prov 20:15)

This is the scripture that comes to mind every opportunity I'm blessed to hear Denise Sneed Williams speak on any topic. I cling to every word of wisdom!

- Jacqueline O'Quinn

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