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Meet Denise

Regarded as an energy shifter;  inspirational speaker, author, breast cancer overcomer, patient advocate and thought provoker, Denise Sneed Williams is intentional about assisting others focus on the necessary inner work to become the best version of themselves. 

Denise is intentional about sharing information to assist in the elimination of the disparities that African-American women experience around breast cancer awareness and treatment. Having danced through the resource maze, she knows there is a more effective way to assist those who are often left behind.

Concerned about the alarming number of women who have succumbed to stress induced heart disease, Denise founded  A Day of Quiet, an informational, therapeutic and reflective day designed for its participants to understand the purpose of and experience the art and power of silence.

Having inspired thousands by facilitating courses with the titles such as "Equity and Well Being," "Mindful Living," “Branding -  An Inside Job” and "When Women Get Together," Denise is sure to cause you to re-evaluate your approach to life with a healthy blend of  truth, humor, courage, and heartfelt love - all laced with mother-wit. 

Denise has authored two books. Her latest sharing, OVERCOMER Stronger than the Storm, was released virtually early 2020. Her debut book was REVEALED Looking at Life Through Self-Examination.

The mother of three adult children, Denise resides in St. Louis, MO.

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