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Sampling of Courses


Shhh....Let's Get Quiet

“If we want to go high we have to dig deep!”  Have you or do you know someone who purchased a newly constructed house and a couple of years later, the doors were no longer tight and there were cracks in the walls.  That was caused by the excavation not being allowed to settle before the foundation was poured and the building placed on top.  You absolutely cannot place an enormous amount of pressure on a weakened foundation.  The building might look good, but eventually, the cracks will show.  The same as in our lives.  We are always on fast forward without focusing on the foundational (the unseen work – the stuff that has to be done in the quiet) and then ‘appear’ shocked when our business (the cracks) are revealed.

Learning Objectives

This session is designed to begin the foundational work –self-care; recognizing that sometimes you have to step away from the noise and enter into a space where only you live; an inside out approach.

Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister is Part 2 of an intimate dialogue that began in November 2016 where women of various ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences learned we have one thing in common, the desire to be accepted.  This workshop has two requirements, the ability to protect someone else’s truth and authenticity.



Learning Objectives

“When women come together”, anything can and will happen. 

Courses are designed based on the request and expected outcome.

Inspirational Meetups!

Sometimes you need to sit with someone who is not a therapist, yet life has been generous enough, that they get it. This is for authenticity only.

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